Get rid of (some of) your customers

Sending your customers to your competition?

On the face of it, this appears to be totally counter-productive to the idea of expanding your business.

 Not so.

 Before you do as I suggest, ensure that you and your staff know what your ideal customer “looks” like.

If you are aiming for a particular niche within the industry you are targeting, any customer that does not fit that requirement may distract you from your “Business Plan’s” direction. Continue reading

Pricing Issues

Pricing Issues


Getting your pricing right for what you sell can be the hardest job in any business.


Making a mistake can literally kill your business.


So, stand back and look at your business.


What market are you aiming for? Are going for the high volume/low price or the low volume/higher Continue reading




Marketing is the “art” of encouraging your prospects to actually buy what you are selling. It is also providing a solution to match the needs of your customer

Selling is the actual process where the prospect acknowledges your marketing efforts and says YES.

Advertising (in its many forms) is one of the public ways that your business lets your prospects know that you and your products/services exist.


Sales and Marketing is a topic that is one that so many businesses put aside.

“We don’t market ourselves, we are too busy”

Yes, we are all busy. Continue reading